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Tatiana Kokori -  Psychologue clinicien(ne)


Psychologue clinicien(ne)

Adres Dreve du Duc 5 - 1170 Boitsfort Bruxelles BE

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Duur van de raadpleging 45 min

I am a clinical and community psychologist and psychotherapist who has worked with adults and children since 1992, in three different countries, in a variety of clinical contexts (diagnosis center, hospital, private practice, community center). I am fully licensed under the rules of the Greek, Italian and Belgian Psychological associations with a sound clinical experience with children and adults in highly specialized and reputed contexts. After my degree I followed studies in social anthropology and social psychiatry while I practiced within the community in multicultural and multiethinc contexts. I have trained and supervised post graduate educational psychologists.I have focused my therapeutic practice mainly through the lenses of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in which I was trained for four years. However in my practice I have adopted many other theoretical frames such as the systemic and that of analytical psychology. I have specific knowledge on the history of psychiatric ideas and practices across Europe, which I acquired during my Phd studies at the European University Institute. Apart from sound studies in psychology I have a strong interdisciplinary background which allows me to understand problems in their complex perspective.  

My involvement with children and adults took place since the early stages of my career and has allowed me to work in a very extensive area of ​​practice and thus to acquire a very strong clinical experience. (learning difficulties, developmental problems, family cirisis, adolescent identity problems, fraternal rivarly, adhd, ocd etc /, autism, asperger etc,depression, etc) .I am the scientific editor of a book translation which deals with childhood and adolescence (U. Galimberti, Paesaggi dell 'Anima, Milano, 1996) and of a series of books of the late psychoanalyst A.Carotenuto. I have sound professional experience with children with special needs. I have become mother in a multilingual-multicultural environment and I have personal as well as clinical experience of the peculiarities of these contexts.

I am grateful to my patients for the trust they reserved to my person for the learning and growing itineraries we undertook together.

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