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Nura Valvekens -  Hypnothérapeute



Adres Avenue de Mercure, 13 - 1180 Uccle BE

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Duur van de raadpleging 60 min

Are you facing some challenges in your life, stress, anxiety, fears?

Before we work together, we will-have a 15 minutes consultation 's call to the Chat in detail the problem you are facing That and the goalie That You Would like to achieve achievement.


In session I will guide you to a hypnotic state, but you will remain completely aware of your surroundings and situation. The level of going deep inside within is always relate d to you and how deep you are ready to go .  You will dive deep into the hidden psyche of yourroot causeto unravel your fears, phobias and anxieties to help you live your best life!

 I will work with you to release those emotions and events that no longer serve you , the ones holding you back from truly expressing who you are with clarity and precision.


I have successfully conducted sessions in many countries. I believe that combining different healing approach is tailored to clients is a great success in my sessions. I know that even after 1 session you will feel much better. After the session, I will give you an exercise to integrate with healing.

Ready to be free from anxiety, stress, phobia, hurt ? Reach out today to see how just one session with me can lead to significant improvements in your life!

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