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Trouver un psy

Adresse Avenue de Mercure, 13 - 1180 Uccle BE

Durée de consultation 60 min

Are you facing some challenges in your life, stress, anxiety, fears?

Before we work together, we will have a 15 minutes consultation’s call to discuss in detail the problem that you are facing and the goal that you would like to achieve.


In session I will guide you to a hypnotic state, but you will remain completely aware of your surroundings and situation. The level of going deep inside within is always related to you and how deep you are ready to go.  You will dive deep into the hidden psyche of your root cause to unravel your fears, phobias and anxieties to help you live your best life!

 I will work with you to release those emotions and events that no longer serve you, the ones holding you back from truly expressing who you are with clarity and precision.


I have successfully conducted sessions in many countries. I believe that combining different healing approaches tailored to clients is a great success in my sessions. I know that even after 1 session you will feel much better. After the session, I will give you an exercise to integrate with healing.

Ready to be free from anxiety, stress, phobia, hurt? Reach out today to see how just one session with me can lead to significant improvements in your life!

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